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How to Get a Law Degree

Whether you have aspirations to being a lawyer or if you want to work at one of the many government agencies then a law degree will be required.  During the process of this short article we will discuss the steps needed to take in order to achieve the goal off a law degree.

  1. The first step to achieving a degree in law is to complete an undergraduate course in college and get a degree from that.  Once you have that then you need to decide which type of law that you would like to practice or in other words what you would like to specialize in.  This could be criminal law, business law, family law, personal injury or many other fields under the broad category of law.
  2. Once you have decided on the type of law you want to practice find out what other licenses may be available for attorneys in the state that you want to practice in and in the area that you would like.  For example, in some states a lawyer who practices real estate law must also be licensed as a real estate agent.  Knowing the requirements for the degree is half of the work.

Also, some states may require that a law degree must be gotten in a certain amount of time in order to qualify to take the bar exam.  This may be as little as 3 years in some states.

  1. Make sure that your law school choice is accredited and that they will accept your application to study there.  Another helpful thing that you should find in a school is a clinical program that may include mock trial work or doing internships at law offices.In your first year at school take as many of the basic law course as possible. This will free you up to take more specialized courses next year without having to worry about prerequisites.
  2. Study very hard and try to be at the top of your class.  The big dogs got where they were because of their knowledge and their skill at interpreting and practicing the law.
  3. During the summer if you are not taking summer classes you should try to get a position as a summer law clerk at a local law firm.  This will give you a good idea of what the daily ins and out are in the workplace.  You will gain knowledge and experience here that cannot be taught in a class room.

Once you finish all your courses with passing grades you will be able to receive your law degree.  Once you have that you can take the bar exam and become a licensed lawyer. personal injury lawyers can help out your cases greatly. A good personal injury lawyer can recover a lot of money for you. Contact Michael Dreishpoon Law.

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